Today's business environment is complex and ever changing. We have designed our accounting services, taxation, and to also meet the everyday business needs.

We are committed to providing a most comprehensive service possible to assist clients in running their businesses. Our business service is staffed by professions with the wide range of multi-disciplinary skills. The role is to provide cost-effective support services which compliment clients skills and allow them to concentrate on the day-to-day running of their business.

Our services include:

Accounting Services.

We provide accounting services for clients who do not find it commercially viable to employ a full time accountant. The services can be customized according to needs and typically includes payroll, the preparation of monthly tax returns, the preparation of the profit and Loss Account, Cash flow Statement and Balance Sheets on a monthly basis and the preparation of other accounts-based management reports that may be required from time to time. A set of annual accounts in a form suitable for audit will also be prepared. Again, specialized knowledge on tax, accounting and regulatory issues is typically available as part of the package.

The Firm also provide Solution to Accounting Problems which we solve specific accounting problems or assist in case of a breakdown in the accounting system.

We can determine whether the problem is system, personnel or transaction-based and propose and implement the most appropriate solution, including where necessary, staff training. We ca recreate historic accounting records, ensuring that the client has a clean set of books going forwards, particularly from a tax perspective.

The Firm provide a high standard of accounting services to ensure that clients receive the best possible advice and comply with the government requirements of the various statutory authorities.

The Firm use computer technology for its clients services.

We can provide timely and reliable financial reporting both internal and external for the needs for our clients. Our services include:

     * Preparation of periodical and annual financial statements
     * Preparation of internal financial statements for management team
     * Preparation of other accounts-based management reports
     * Maintain accounting records for statutory and taxation audit purpose

Taxation :

With the frequent changes in taxation laws, our partner and staff are constantly updating their knowledge and skills in all taxation areas so that clients receive the maximum benefit without losing sight of commercial reality.

Our services assist you in anticipation the future effects as well as complying with current requirements. We keep our client updated with changes likely to affect their business and ways of get full advantage of the tax incentive available. These services include.

     * Preparation and review of tax returns both monthly and yearly
     * Advising clients on tax planning and on specific tax problems, minimize tax exposures
     * Value Added tax
     * Payroll processing and payroll tax
     * Withholding tax returns